Choosing Low-Stress Careers in Public Transportation

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Public transportation is beneficial to citizens and the city in which they reside. There are a lot of unsung jobs within public transportation that allow it to run smoothly and effectively. A public transportation job can be a great choice as a career path, but there are many unique careers to choose from that are vastly different from each other. 

Since there are so many different paths in the public transportation industry, it can be difficult to decide which options are less stressful as well as those that are more likely to induce anxiety. Knowing elements of a career to look into when it comes to stress can help you determine the type of career that works for you. Since everyone has different stressors, knowing your own is the only way to discover the least stressful careers in public transportation and related fields. 

What to Look for in Low-Stress Careers?

Knowing your own stressors is the first step toward identifying low-stress career options in public transportation. Some people do better with busy jobs while others enjoy having some downtime throughout the day and week. 

Because of this, you should try to find something that matches your preferable workload. If you want to keep your mind busy so that you don’t focus on worrisome and stressful thoughts, then a heavier workload may be okay, but if you are the type to become unproductive when facing too much work then the opposite is probably best. 

You will also want to keep the demand from others in mind. Some people like structure, rules, and standards that explain to them exactly what is expected and what they should do every day. Others like more relaxed rules that allow the worker to adjust to their own needs as long as they complete the work. 

You may also find that doing something fulfilling or a job that allows you to feel appreciated can help reduce stress because it allows you to see that your career path is essential. There are plenty of great, fulfilling career opportunities in public transportation that provide meaning and fulfillment. The ones that you find meaningful will depend on your personality and interests. 

Another factor to consider is flexibility. Since public transportation is necessary for citizens to get to work, spend time with family, or even to go to the grocery store in some cases, many careers in public transportation are set to a tight schedule that limits flexibility. However, there are certainly some careers in public transportation that are more flexible than others and if that is important to you then it is an important consideration to keep in mind. 

Salary should also be taken into account and the balance of financial comfort and desirable work is sometimes hard to find. While money may not help you avoid stress, having too little income can be highly stressful because it makes it harder to designate funds for rent, enjoyable activities, and other necessities and desires. Many of the careers in public transport pay well, but just make sure you calculate your livable wage before choosing a specific vocation. 

Finally, a lot of people become more or less stressed with social situations. If you have social anxiety, then having a logistics or office transportation job may be best, but if you find that you feel better when you are able to talk to people every day, you may want to be on the front lines interacting with others. 

Careers in Public Transportation

There are too many careers in public transportation to list in this article, but these are some of the possible jobs that you may want to pursue. Many of them may be good for stress levels and you may find that they suit your personality and interests as well.

Service Technician/Mechanic

If you like working with your hands, then this may be a good career path for you. Somebody has to repair subway cars, trucks, buses, and other forms of transportation in your city. This option is good for those who want to stay busy with their hands while also avoiding excessive socialization. It can also pay very well and allow you to help the city with their expensive repair needs on the transportation systems. 


Of course, someone has to drive the buses and other forms of transportation each and every day. While some people may find that traffic, stops, and other factors contribute to stress, a lot of people would also like the fact that they know what each day will bring with limited changes to schedule or route. Driving allows you to concentrate on the task and it is important to do so, but it can also be relaxing in a way for many individuals. 

Customer Service

While this one is not known for being low stress, someone has to talk to the citizens utilizing the transportation systems. If you like staying social and busy this could be a good option. You may even find that it allows you to leave your work at work and relax after going home for the evening or weekend. 


This is a broad category that contains many different jobs, but many of them will require you to analyze data, utilize technology, and solve problems with routes, finances, and more. This can be quite satisfying if you like logical thinking and dislike repetition because the job may require unique projects and tasks on many days. 


Someone has to manage the fleet of buses, subways, and other forms of transportation in the city and if you like to stay in control then this may be a low-stress job for you. Sure, it does come with a lot of responsibility, but it can also be meaningful and purposeful. You may find that you enjoy helping subordinates and being the problem solving on day-to-day issues that may arise. 


Public transportation systems have plenty of careers to offer to the community and many of them can be both fulfilling and low stress. Choosing the one meant for you does require that you identify the things that cause or worsen your stress levels, but after doing that you may find that there are plenty of suitable positions to choose from. 

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